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Couples Therapy

Your eyes meet across as crowded room, you spend months in a daze whilst falling in love and everything is wonderful.  You have met your soul mate, your perfect match and you are going to live happily ever after. That’s what Hollywood tells us should happen, right?

In reality, being in a relationship can be challenging, we all come with our own ways of dealing with stress and emotion and our own patterns of communicating. These individual tendencies can lead to fraught times, but with the right help they can also result in a deeper bond between you. That’s where emotionally focussed couples therapy comes in.

Alison is trained in emotionally focussed couples therapy which is rapidly being recognised as the gold standard therapy for couples going through difficult times or wanting to improve their ability to connect.

Many couples find that over time they lose the initial feelings of love, lust, compassion and connection and get caught in cycles of frustration, resentment and disconnection. Couples therapy can help you learn how these destructive cycles play out so that you can break the cycles, regain trust in each other and feel stronger as a couple.

Whether you are married, dating or in a long-term relationship couples counselling can help with the following problems:

  • Communication difficulties
  • Frequent arguments
  • Feelings of loneliness and disconnection
  • Becoming withdrawn and distant
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Affairs and loss of trust
  • Anger and resentment
  • Parenting differences
  • Fertility issues
  • Improving and safeguarding your future relationship


The cost for couples therapy is £70 per hour session.

Please contact Alison for more information on couples therapy.

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

Due to COVID I am currently providing my therapy services online. I will re-evaluate this as the situation changes and hope to be back to providing face-to-face therapy in spring next year if not before. Please rest assured that the therapy can be as effective when delivered remotely.

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