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Counselling in Worthing for Adults

The chances are that having clicked on this link you or someone you know is in need of some professional counselling in Worthing in order to get through a struggle that you (or they) are currently facing and you probably want to know what counselling is all about.

Counselling is not generally about giving advice, it is a joint exploration of you and your life experiences and behaviours, giving you the opportunity to unlock your potential and remove any blocks that may be getting in the way of you leading a happier and more contented life.

At Worthing Counselling your counsellor is trained in skills which will enable you to discover more about yourself and your patterns of behaviour. It is a joint learning process and with this new awareness you will find that you discover new choices and new ideas about how to lead your life. Clients often comment that they feel liberated after attending counselling.


The assessment session lasts approximately 1 hour. Subsequent counselling sessions are 50 minutes.

CBT is the most appropriate treatment for specific anxiety difficulties and acute depression. Please see the CBT page for more information on the types of difficulties that CBT is effective for. Some people have a course of CBT to get back on track and then explore things further with counselling sessions. We can explore the most appropriate course of action during our initial session.

This is a very difficult question to answer because it varies greatly for each individual. It is possible to achieve change in 4-6 sessions. Others may need a lot longer. If you specifically want short term work please state this during the first session and we can look at options.

Talking about your past isnt always necessary however, sometimes issues from the past are affecting the way you live your life currently and discussing them often helps you to move on. You will NEVER be forced to talk about anything.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that sessions with your counsellorwill be conductedin confidence.

Cost per session

Assessment session: £65
Counselling session: £55

Cognitive behavioural therapy: £65

Counselling in Worthing for Teenagers and Young People

Is your teen struggling with social situations? Do they explode with anger at the slightest thing? Are they exhibiting signs of anxiety or depression?..

As an experienced psychotherapist I provide specialist therapy and parental support for children aged 12 upwards.

In some ways counselling for teenagers is similar to that of adults; it is based on forming a relationship with the foundations of confidentiality and trust. However, when working with children who may not know how to express their feelings verbally or may not have the awareness to express their feelings verbally, it is often necessary to use creative approaches such as art and play in order to give them an alternative mode of communication.

In most cases children are referred to counselling because of feelings and behaviours that are making life difficult for themselves and / or those around them. Perhaps they are struggling to cope with their anger or feelings of anxiety. Maybe they are finding it hard to come to terms with a loss or parental separation. Sometimes they don’t even know what it is that is wrong. Counselling can help children to understand their emotions, their feelings and their thoughts.

What happens in the sessions?

During our initial session you will be given the opportunity to explain what your child is struggling with. Based on this information I will advise on the type of therapy that would be most beneficial for your child. CBT is likely to be the appropriate treatment for anxiety difficulties. However, if your child is finding it difficult to come to terms with a life event then counselling is likely to be the best route.

During each session your child will be encouraged but not forced to talk about their feelings and behaviours. Sometimes children find it hard to open up or they may not even know what their feelings are. Creative therapy such as sand play, art and story telling offers an indirect way of expressing feelings, thoughts and emotions which can then either be worked through in metaphor or gently brought to the child’s awareness and worked through directly.

For those children who are exhibiting signs of excessive anxiety and / or anger it will often help to teach them a little about how their brain functions when they get angry and anxious and how they can learn tore-train their brain to be less reactive.

If it is felt appropriate I might explore techniques for managing behaviour with the child and / or set homework tasks. However, this is not suitable when counselling every child.


Assessment session £65
Counselling session £55

Cognitive behavioural therapy: £65

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

Due to COVID I am currently providing my therapy services online. I will re-evaluate this as the situation changes and hope to be back to providing face-to-face therapy in spring next year if not before. Please rest assured that the therapy can be as effective when delivered remotely.

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